En route for the Sustainable Living Tour

Saturday September 30th, 9:30pm, Los Angeles.

I’m hesitating in putting my first words down. For the first time in 9 years and after countless posts and multiple travel adventures, I have decided to part from my mother tongue and share the stories and impressions of this Californian trip in English. It’s a tough decision and I feel like I am giving up on my roots, on this language so dear to my heart and in which written words come easily. Reality is, most everyone I interact with in a daily basis are English speakers and I have never succeeded to build much of a following anyway. So in between writing in the language I cherish or being read, I chose the second option. What’s the point in sharing if there’s no one to receive it?

So. Los Angeles. 

I’m laying in bed in this Airbnb rental. The walls are thin. I hear everything around. Kids running in the hall, TV playing to my right, cars and sirens out the windows, someone coughing on the porch at the end of the hall. But to be honest, it’s some kind of comforting. Life is happening around me.  

I’m sharing this place with a girl that is also part of the Sustainable Living Tour. Haven’t met her yet, only through the Facebook platform shared by the participants of the tour. It starts tomorrow. 12 days, 9 stops in Southern California, learning about sustainable living and entrepreneurship through permaculture, earth\dirt building, community-living and personal growth workshops. 12 days to reflect on my own vision and goals in creating a sustainable future and to break through my last resistance and limiting believes. 12 days of camping and close proximity with 23 other tourers.  

I’m stoked about this tour! Which makes me apprehensive. When I have too much expectations, I get disappointed. With this journey, what I am really afraid of is to let myself down. To keep myself on the ground and not allow myself the bliss of the present experience. So I reminded myself to be detached from the results. Not to be attached to a particular outcome but simply open to what would come to me, what would feel true during the 12 coming days. 

So what feels true right now? The noise around me. The livelihood of it. It grounds me. Makes me feel that as long as I can hear and feel, I am alive. Truly alive.


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  1. Mia! It was so nice having you on the tour! Your description was beautiful! I can not wait to see how it effects your life & all the wonderful things you are going to accomplish!

  2. Hey, it’s good to read you both in English and French 😉 !!! Your experience seems amazing,I’ve never heard of it (apart from communities Workaway, Helpex…) Looking forward to knowing more !

    1. miya001 dit :

      Hey merci! The 3 posts I wrote have more to do with my personal experience than the content of the tour and what we learned but if you are curious, it is runned by 2 lovely human beings at earthjourneys.com . And thanks for your renewed interest in my writing!

      1. No worries! With pleasure ! I enjoy even more reading your feelings ! I’ll check that site then !!! Have a nice evening !!!

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